Flyover for The Heroes Project


Thank you for supporting The Heroes Project and our mission to support climbing programs for wounded marines, soldiers and veterans.  Your presence at Cycle for Heroes on the Santa Monica Pier annually kicks off a truly memorable event.  As the National Anthem is played, and over 1,000 participants look to the sky, your perfect timing, formations, and consummate professionalism gets everyone in the right frame of mind for the truly patriotic event ahead.  Cycle for Heroes wouldn't be the same without the Tiger Squadron flyover as remembrance for 09/11, commitment to our troops, and a love for our country are all present in the moment the squadron roars out of view.  


Thank you!


JJ Hendershot


Senior Manager Philanthropy

Equinox Fitness 

Vietnam POW 40 Years of Freedom Reunion


In May 2013 we former Vietnam POWs held our “40 Years of Freedom” reunion celebrating our release from the Communist Prison Camps in North and South Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and China during early 1973.  One of the truly outstanding events took place in the gardens of the Nixon Library where dedications and a BBQ took place.  All of the 200 former Prisoners of War are retired military aviators so for us, the very special part of that event was the Tiger Squadron Air Show that ended with the “Missing Man” formation.  That formation is a visual recognition and tribute to a fallen aviator by his fellow aviators.  The Tiger Squadron flew that formation precisely, with honor, and meaning, like the true professionals they are.  We are eternally grateful for their participation and making our reunion an event to remember.


God Bless You All,

Tom Hanton, President, NAM POWs, The Association of Vietnam War POWs

Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum


In May, 2013 nearly 200 POWs came to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum for a special ceremony commemorating the 40th anniversary of their homecoming from the Vietnam War. The inspirational program took place in the Library's Pat Nixon Amphitheater and included multiple flyovers by the Tiger Squadron team, the last in Missing Man formation to honor those that didn't make it home. The Tiger Squadron's participation added a crucial element to the program and was executed flawlessly.

Thank you Tiger Squadron!


Chris Nordyke, Director of Marketing, The Richard Nixon Foundation

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Foundation


Flyovers at our events are always crowd pleasers.  The Tiger Squadron has participated in a few of our events and we found them to be very flexible and easy to work with.  We look forward to working with them in the future.


The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation

Private Wedding Reception


This amazing group of professionals arrived in formation overhead our wedding reception right on time.  Our surprised guests were instantly on their feet cheering.  The Tiger's formation skills were spectacular!  The reaction was breathtaking and made our special day even more unforgettable!


Thank You!

Will Oxx, Santa Barbara

Private Memorial Ceremony


What a GREAT JOB!!!  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house……almost too good with the incredible blue sky and the PERFECT formation……the family and everyone was BLOWN AWAY.  Never enough ways to say THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!! 


Hazel Blankenship, Santa Barbara, CA


Desert Classic Concours d'Elegance Car Show


Thank you and your fellow pilots for the great air show.  The precision flying was impressive and much appreciated.  The audience cheered and cheered for your demonstrations. 


Thank you,

Paul Merrigan, Founder, The Desert Classic Concours d'Elegance


Santa Barbara Veterans Day Parade


Each year we invite Tiger Squadron to bring eight aircraft to fly in our Santa Barbara Veterans Weekend Parade and also over our 3 cemeteries each Memorial Day.  The site and sound of their precision formations, flying escort on the Mitchell B-25 and the C-47 is truly wonderful!  Tiger Squadron adds so much to the atmosphere of the events below and we look forward to their return each year.  Last year there were 3 older gentlemen, all wearing WWII caps, leaving against a wall at the junction of State and Cabrillo Streets where Stearn’s Wharf begins.  They all stared up for long, long minutes and finally one said: “damn, it’s just like D Day!”  Thanks for all you do Tigers!!!!!


John Blankenship, Santa Barbara Veterans Day Parade


Private Celebration of Life Ceremony


I want to offer our heartfelt thanks for the wonderful job you and your Western Museum of Flight staff did for us in hosting the Celebration of Life in Dave's memory.  One very special feature of the day was the fly-over and Missing Man maneuver provided by the Tiger Squadron.  This was an especially fitting tribute to Dave, who was an avid pilot and aviation enthusiast.  The members of the squadron earned the deep gratitude of everyone who attended.  It was a deeply emotional moment for us, and will be happily remembered by all.  Please pass our special thanks to all of the Tiger Squadron.  Their willingness to offer their time, their aircraft, and their skills meant a great deal to those of us who came to honor a lost friend and colleague, and we will always be grateful.

With sincere thanks,
Ed Levy, Redondo Beach

Green Hills Memorial Day Commemeration


The Tiger Squadron is a dedicated group of pilots who have made a commitment in supporting our annual observance and have done so for the past 7 years, providing a flyover with two passes with the second pass being the missing man formation honoring those who never came home.  We are proud to have the Tiger Squadron as an active participant in our program as they give us nothing but the best in their presentation.  If I wasn’t the coordinator of the program, I would be proud to take the back seat in one of the CJ-6A’s and take part in the flyover.  I am forever grateful for their support and I look forward to many more years of participation. 


Thank you!

Jennifer Frew, Community Events Coordinator, Green Hills Memorial Park


Israeli American Council, Celebrate Israel Festival at Rancho Park


On behalf of the Israeli-American Council, Celebrate Israel Festival and the 15,000 community members in Los Angeles who attended the festival on May 18th, we would like to thank you and the entire Tiger Squadron team from the bottom of our hearts.



Adee Dory, Director, Celebrate Israel Festival

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