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Q: Other than air shows and memorial services, for what other types of events do you perform flyovers?

A: We fly at any event from parades to sporting events to auto shows such as Concourses d' Elegance. Tiger Squadron performs at any event where the ambience of vintage war birds flying over in tight formation adds to the event.


Q: Can you do aerobatics at our event?

A: No, there are federal restrictions on aerobatics that prevent us from performing aerobatics at flyovers or air shows.

Q: My loved one was not in the military.  Would a missing man flyover be appropriate for his memorial?

A: Absolutely.  We have done memorials for many non-vets.  The sight and sound of war birds adds a special flavor to a memorial whether or not they were a pilot or in the military.

Q: How do you produce smoke?

A: Most of our aircraft are equipped with smoke systems that inject special smoke oil into the hot exhaust pipes causing the appearance of smoke. The pilots control the system, and smoke is an integral component of many of our performances.

Q: How low can you fly?

A: Outside of an airshow, the FAA minimum altitude is 1,000 feet above the highest obstacle within a 2,000-foot radius of the aircraft. This is low enough to be clearly seen and heard and to make an impact on your event.

Q: How many planes can be in a flyover?

A: Tiger Squadron has a number of available aircraft. Additional pilots and aircraft are also engaged from outside the Southern California area for larger formations.


Q: How can we coordinate the timing of your passes with events on the ground?

A: Coordination can either be accomplished with radios or with cooperation of the nearest airport’s control tower. The ground team can call the tower by phone, and the tower will pass the information to us.


Q: How many passes can you do?

A: That’s up to you. Depending on your time and budget, there are a number of formation configurations for a 4-ship formation, so that each pass can be unique, such as: Fingertip , Diamond, Echelon, Echelon Break, Close Trail, Element Passes (2 planes at a time). Formations larger than 4 aircraft can have additional unique configurations.


Q: Can you provide aircraft and pilots for movies or photo shoots?

A: Yes, our aircraft are certified for exhibition and commercial use in movies or television, and our commercial pilots are qualified to fly them for you.


Q: What is the RedStar Pilots Association?

A: The RedStar Pilots Association (RPA) is a Federal 501(c) (3) not-for-profit corporation registered in the state of Virginia. The association’s mission is to promote and preserve the safe operation, display and enjoyment of all aircraft—jet, prop, aerobatic, sport, warbird and utility—especially those originating in current and former Communist bloc nations. The RPA strives to function as a clearinghouse for information related to maintenance and safe operation of aircraft. Through their designated check pilots, instructor pilots, and the national FAST organization, they develop performance standards, principles and techniques which they disseminate to members in order to promote safe formation flight and the safe operation of their aircraft.

RPA is an FAA-sanctioned signatory to the Formation And Safety Team body known by the abbreviation FAST. This position allows them to train, qualify and manage civilian formation pilots in the United States and Canada for the safe conduct of formation flight displays in the U.S. and Canadian airshow industry. Pilots the world over benefit from formation training at all levels while the public interest is maintained through their efforts to reinforce flight safety. Membership is open to all pilots, aircraft owners and enthusiasts. Here’s their website:




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