Pilot Bios

Craig "HeyZuse" Ekberg


Craig is a FAST Instructor pilot and was one of the founding members of Tiger Squadron.   He is an experienced commercial, instrument, high-performance, complex, and tail wheel pilot, with more than 4,500 total hours and 3,500 hours of warbird flight time. He has flown many aircraft, including the Yak-50, Nanchang CJ-6A, T-28, T-34, T-33, T-6, and an Alpha Jet. Craig is an instructor for Formation flying, Tactical Formation, and Aerobatics, and he owns both a Nanchang CJ-6A and a Yak-50.

Gil "NAFOD" Lipaz


Gil is a FAST Lead pilot and flies a 1966 Nanchang CJ6A. He earned his pilot license at age 20 before enlisting in the USAF where he spent two years active duty and four years with the Air National Guard as an avionics and flight control systems technician on the F-16 and C-130 aircraft. Gil has flown many different civilian aircraft. His love for the versatile and capable Nanchang keeps him flying as often as he can.  Gil holds a commercial pilots certificate with complex/high performance ratings.  Gil is also an officer of the Red Star Pilots Association.

Wayne “Parkher” Grau


Wayne started flying in 1998 and currently flies a Bonanza A36 as well as the 1985 Nanchang CJ-6A with the original Chinese military paint scheme and the Russian M-14P engine.  With over 2000 hours he has his private pilot, instrument, high performance, and complex ratings and is FAST Wing qualified.  Wayne says that after watching the Tiger Squadron over fly the Torrance airport for years he decided to take a ride, one ride was all it took.

Guido “Rolex” Rietdyk


Guido flies his 1985 Nanchang CJ-6A with a high-performance M14-P Russian motor and 3-blade prop as well as a Yak 50.  A native of The Netherlands, he caught the flying bug early flying sail planes and earned skydiving certification while on military deployment in the 80’s in Northern Germany.  An experienced racecar driver and high performance driving instructor, he enjoys anything with an engine and a bit of pace.  Guido has his private pilot license and is FAST Wing qualified.

Brad "Squat" Ammann


Brad has been a pilot for over 12 years and flies his 1985 Nanchang CJ6A.  Brad has his commerical, instrument and complex/high performance ratings as well as his FAST Wing qualification.  Brad also owns a Malibu Matrix.

Robert "Digger" McNerney


Robert flies his 1982 Nanchang CJ-6A, equipped with a Russian M-14 radial engine. He completed his private pilot's license in 2010 with a High Performance and Complex rating and is FAST Wing qualified. He started formation flying with the Tiger Squadron in 2017. Robert often attends formation, tactical and aircombat clinics to continue to expand his skills as a pilot.  When he is not training or flying an event, he enjoys practicing aerobatic flights. 

Ben Holm


Ben flies a 1968 Nanchang CJ-6A. He received his private pilot's license in July 2019, joined the squadron in 2021 and is still awaiting a call sign.

Ryder "Hammer" Adams


Ryder flies his 1985 Nanchang CJ-6A. The aircraft has a Russian M-14P engine and original military paint scheme. He earned his private pilot’s license in January 2012 and attained his high-performance complex and multi engine rating four months later. Originally content with “normal” aircraft, Ryder was introduced to theTiger Squadron way of flying and has never looked back.  He is FAST Lead qualified and has competed at the Desert Thunder Air-to-Air tactical event. 

Dave Shaby


Dave flies a 1968 Nanchang CJ-6A with a M-14 Russian engine. He first received his private pilot's license in 1981, and holds numerous endorsements. He joined the Tigers in 2021. He is still awaiting a call sign.

Gary Elminoufi


Gary, born and raised in the South Bay, has always had the need for speed and after getting his first ride in a Nanchang CJ6A, he was hooked! Gary started flying in 2015 and holds certifications in Private, High Performance, Complex and FAST. When Gary isn't up in the air, he enjoys classic cars, surfing and skiiing.


Peter Broen


Peter flies a Nanchang CJ-6A. His ratings include Commercial, Instrument, High Performance/Complex and is a FAST rated wing pilot. He has amassed 3700 hours over 40 years of flying. He is also a builder/owner of a Glasair III.


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